Lush Lipstick Case

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Lush Lipstick Case

Compact and easy on the go. Adding value.

Charming lipstick case holder with fine stitching and a snap button closure. Elegant, lightweight and easy on the go – made to accommodate your simple, practical lifestyle.

Crafted from smooth chrome-tanned leather.


H 4.3 in. x W 2.4 in. x D 0.8 in.

H 11cm x W 6cm x D 2cm

·Avoid high pressure or sharp objects.
·Avoid  contact with water or direct sunlight.
·Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, and any items that may transfer colors to the product.
·To remove water or dirt from the surface, wipe dry with a soft and clean cloth.
·When not in use, keep it in its dust bag with protective tissue paper inside.

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